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Mavenir Leads An OpenRAN Ecosystem

October 8, 2018

Simplified Engagement for Operators for Cloud RAN Solution with Open Interfaces

RICHARDSON, TX – October 8, 2018: Mavenir, focused on transforming mobile network economics for Communications Service Providers (CSPs), is announcing an OpenRAN partner ecosystem that provides more options and makes it easy for operators to deploy an innovative, flexible Cloud-based OpenRAN solution.   Mavenir will act as the End-to-End systems integrator simplifying the engagement for operators and cr

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Mavenir sees radio access network technology gaining traction in APAC

23 June 2019

Mavenir is changing the game for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) with software-based products and technology for building end-to-end mobile networks, paving the way for the affordable adoption of 5G services across the Asia-Pacific region.

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5G Volume Knob Cranked to 11

13 September 2017

Mavenir has unveiled its SDN-controlled 5G core network and cloud RAN offerings, stressing its "cloud-native" approach, its focus on virtualization and the availability of its "5G-ready" virtualized Cloud Base Band Unit (vBBU), which the vendor says can be deployed with any remote radio units.