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Mavenir Recognized for Technology Vision

Named Finalist in Light Reading’s Leading Lights Awards 2017

Mavenir was honored as a Finalist in Light Reading’s annual industry awards program, for our new approach and vision to network transformation.  Highlighted as one of four companies in the “Outstanding Communications Technology Vision” category as part of the 2017 Leading Lights Awards, the distinction recognizes Mavenir’s company’s history of innovations and industry firsts, and more recent re-launch following the combination of Mitel Mobile, Xura, and Ranzure, with a focus to accelerate and redefine CSP’s soft

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Multi-Access Edge Computing will Transform Network Economics

Rapid advances in mobile computing power are pushing machine intelligence to the very edge of the network.

Known as Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC), this development is a critical success factor in the rise of the new 5G mobile networks that will deliver unheard of data speeds to an exponentially larger user base, and all at a fraction of the cost-per-bit expense.


Virtualized Evolved Packet Core (vEPC)

Mavenir vEPC is an innovative Evolved Packet Core (EPC) specifically designed from the ground up for virtualized environments. Organized in independent slices of the control, user, and management planes, Mavenir vEPC is free of the architectural restrictions posed by traditional, physical node-based packet cores.

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Opening up on the Open RAN

9 March 2018

The concept of open goes beyond just standards interoperability. A RAN built by Nokia, Ericsson or Huawei will be interoperable with any device, any core, any transmission network attaching to it – due to its conformance with standards. That is a standards-based network.

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Speeding Up The Edge Cloud Core

22 September 2017

Operators face a choice in how to design a network architecture that can enable low system latencies for future applications. This guest post from Mavenir describes how its containerised, cloud native vEPC, with control and user plane separation, can enable the edge cloud core. 

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Driving to Native Software Solutions for NFV and SDN

The quest for new network economics is more urgent as the costs of keeping up with traffic demand outpaces service revenue growth. Wireless operators have been let down by their traditional suppliers whose legacy business models are not aligned with their goals. This looming market reality is one catalyst for implementing Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN).

5G Initiatives

The promises of 5G go well beyond high data rate, spectral efficiency, ultra-low latency, or massive sensor networks.


5G Core

5G Drives the Need for a New Core to Enable Services

Enhanced Mobile Broadband chart
  • Enhanced Mobile Broadband: Requires higher data rate and better coverage – for vid