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Happy Birthday SMS! You Are 27 Years Old

After 27 years, what’s next for SMS? SMS will continue to live on for a few more years, but it will have to be “renewed” when it reaches the age of 30 if 5G standards make RCS mandatory.
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Chatbots in RCS Business Messaging

With RCS, for the first time, mobile network operators can offer the same capabilities that enterprises have been using on their websites and social networks (a bot store, bot discovery, bot search capability, etc.) but with the ubiquity of the mobile messaging ecosystem.
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Mobile Business Messaging: Combating the Carrier Struggle for Reach

Since the dawn of civilization, in which commerce played a germinal role, businesses have always understood a simple principle: if you have something to sell, you have to find someone who wants to buy it.

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RCS is here to stay and doing well

26 February 2019
Mavenir, the software company, presented on day 1 of MWC 2019, promoting its rich communication solutions offered by Rakuten.