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Xura Security Customers Benefit from Telecom Application of Machine Learning

February 16, 2017

Leadership in machine-learning has propelled Xura’s network security solutions to best-in-class – see this in action at MWC 2017, Booth 8.1A41

WAKEFIELD, MA – February 16, 2017: Xura, a leading provider of secure digital communications services for Communication Service Providers, has a history of innovation, and for some time been delivering security products that utilize machine-learning. At MWC 2017, Xura will demonstrate how self-learning machines have helped its customers combat grey-route and SIM-box messaging fraud, and how it helps protect revenue

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Xura to Change Company Name to Mavenir Systems Upon Completion of Mitel Mobile Acquisition

February 8, 2017

Mavenir to be Showcased at Mobile World Congress 2017

WAKEFIELD, MA – February 8, 2017: Following the announcement in December 2016 that affiliates of Xura entered into definitive agreements to acquire Mitel Mobility, Inc. (“Mitel Mobile”), a division of Mitel Networks Corporation (“Mitel”, Nasdaq: MITL, TSX: MNW), and Ranzure Networks, Inc. (“Ranzure”), today Xura announces that upon completion of the transactions, the new combined company name will be Mavenir Systems, Inc. (“Mavenir Systems” or “Mavenir”).

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Mavenir acquires Argyle Data to boost its Machine Learning Security suite

February 5, 2018

Big Data Analytics and Advanced Machine Learning Platform provides Enhanced Insights and Protection for Mobile Devices and IoT

RICHARDSON, TX – February 5, 2018: Mavenir, focused on transforming mobile network economics for Communications Service Providers (CSPs), today announced it has acquired Argyle Data, the first big data and machine learning security platform that delivers real-time anomaly detection and predictive analytics for mobile service providers and IoT networks.

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Affiliates of Siris Capital Complete Combination to Create the New Mavenir

February 28, 2017

Mavenir Positioned to Lead Innovation in 5G Ready Network Solutions

  • Mitel Mobile, Xura and Ranzure Networks have combined to form the "new" Mavenir

  • Xura’s CEO, Pardeep Kohli, formerly CEO of Mitel Mobile’s predecessor (also named Mavenir Systems) will lead the new Mavenir 

  • The transaction underscores Mavenir’s commitment to providing best-in-class, cloud-proven 5G and IoT ready network solutions to Communications Service Providers ("CSPs"), helping them drive service differentiation and industr

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Mavenir introduces the Media Breakout Controller

17 January 2018

Mavenir is introducing a new “white box” element that it says will enable operators to offload traffic at the very edge of the network, and to host virtualised functions such as vFirewall, vRouter and vBBU.

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Mavenir enhances machine learning security suite acquiring Argyle Data

6 February 2018

Mavenir finalizes purchase of Argyle Data

Mavenir announced it completed its acquisition of computer security services company Argyle Data in a move to enhance its machine learning security suite. Financial details of the purchase were not disclosed.

Blog Post

WannaCry? Accelerated action will best serve telecoms carriers

In May 2015, Juniper published research entitled ‘The Future of Cybercrime & Security: Financial and Corporate Threats & Mitigation’ that predicted the cost of data breaches would quadruple from 2015, hitting a global cost of $2.1 trillion globally by 2019.

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Tackling Recurrent Threats to Commercial A2P Messaging Revenues

Not so long ago (October 2017) Bloomberg reported how new start-up SMSChain would enable consumers to sell unused capacity from their SMS allowance to enterprises that wanted to use SMS as a communication channel: $75 each month for 500 messages per day (approx. 0.5c per message), according to SMSChain.

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The Rise of Mobile Cybercrime: Be Aware. Be Secure.

Digital connections now play a central role in global socio-economic development, and mobile is the clear growth driver. These days, practically everything digital you want to do can be done on a mobile device. The mobile-centric world of consumer convenience, seamless interactions, and real-time services have brought with it trillions in revenue - and where there is money, fraud will surely follow. The threats are operating on a global scale so it’s no surprise that by 2019 cybercrime will be a $2.1 trillion problem.[1]