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Mobile Communications — The Fabric Sustaining Today's Business Productivity

Mavenir's Mobile Business Fabric; a fluid and dynamic framework of mobile-native components that delivers integrated business solutions that integrates mobile voice, mobile video, rich communication services (RCS) and SMS messaging, voicemail, interactive voice response (IVR), chatbots, SpamShield™ fraud management and monetization enablers into secure, carrier-grade cloud offerings. 
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Samsung Certifies Universal Profile 2.0 Client with Mavenir’s RCS Core

The success of RCS is tied to a diverse and open ecosystem of partners that includes MNOs, developers, messaging aggregators, device and OEM manufacturers, and technological enablers. Mavenir is not stopping at UP 2.0 and will continue to be at the forefront of RCS enablement. New functionality has already been implemented from the latest Universal Profile releases (2.2 and 2.3) to ensure brands and consumers can obtain the best RCS Business Messaging experience possible.


Monetizing untapped SMS/MMS/Data traffic
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10 Benefits to RCS

With RCS, the next generation of SMS text is here - and it is poised to provide consumers the features and functionality they look for in OTT messaging apps but in the comfortable confines of their mobile device’s native messaging platform. RCS opens up possibilities to provide advanced communication between third party businesses and messaging users for a wide range of services such as Chatbots, Plugins, Artificial Intelligence, and other third-party industrial applications – which could mean huge capabilities for both marketers and consumers alike.
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The Dawning of the Age of the Chatbot

As Mavenir have already mentioned in our previous blogs, reach is key for brands, but once the connection between the brand and the consumer has been made, a fast and responsive bidirectional communication needs to be established. This applies also to mobile messaging.
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Bringing Messaging Back to the Carriers

With the market going in a new direction, brands are taking notice – creating their own apps or advertising on others to reach their customers.
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Redefining Mobile Enterprise Communications

Although enterprise communication technology has come a long way since its inception, today's unified communications and collaboration (UCC) solutions focus primarily on wireline­-centric solutions that are underserving a predominantly mobile workforce. With businesses going global, spanning multiple geographies and time zones, the trend of working on-the-go has become a reality for most professionals, intensifying the need to rethink the way we use communications in the workplace.