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10 Benefits to RCS

With RCS, the next generation of SMS text is here - and it is poised to provide consumers the features and functionality they look for in OTT messaging apps but in the comfortable confines of their mobile device’s native messaging platform. RCS opens up possibilities to provide advanced communication between third party businesses and messaging users for a wide range of services such as Chatbots, Plugins, Artificial Intelligence, and other third-party industrial applications – which could mean huge capabilities for both marketers and consumers alike.
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The Road to a Business Messaging Ecosystem

By leveraging a cloud-based RCS interconnect hub and messaging-as-a-platform (MaaP) deployment, MNOs can serve as an efficient means of deploying secure, advanced RCS communications.
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Business applications push RCS forward

17 September 2018
The Rich Communications Services (RCS) standard took another step forward last week as a number of companies announced support for the GSMA’s advanced messaging standard.
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RCS: The Evolution

The creation of Rich Communication Services (RCS) brings forward a successor to SMS which enhances the user experience with multimedia capabilities including audio and video delivery, conversational messaging, groups, and many other improvements. Mavenir’s RCS takes full advantage of the universal profile to provide a consistent and interoperable messaging experience between all supported devices across all operators worldwide.