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Mavenir Swings for Big Leagues with OpenRAN

16 October 2019
Mavenir, the US-based network software provider, announces its fully virtualized 4G and 5G OpenRAN offering is commercially available to operators.
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Mavenir Opens Radio R&D Unit in Ericsson's Backyard

4 October 2019
Mavenir has added to its virtualization portfolio by opening a new research facility in Stockholm that will specialize in radio access networks (RAN) and has already demonstrated 5G new radio technology.
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Opening up the Ecosystem

11 September 2019
Operators are struggling with profitability, they’re struggling with network architectures that are very hierarchical and now is the time to introduce change. So how do we open up those systems?
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As 5G Scales, Can an Open Approach Open Up the Vendor Market?

10 September 2019
5G gives carriers the opportunity to better serve customers in a way that could help them save money while opening up new revenue streams. But getting from today to that particular tomorrow involves a number of careful considerations.
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OpenRAN—A Future-Proof and Cost-Effective LTE and 5G Network Architecture

26 August 2019

5G will accelerate the variety and volume of data traffic, further shattering constrained legacy service delivery models and impacting network economics. Many new services will emerge on the 5G network the same way Uber, Facebook, and Instagram emerged after LTE deployment.