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Only Open Platforms Will Deliver The Full Benefits of Automation

The economic impact of cloud-based automated networks will be magnified by the adoption of fully open network platforms.  Interfaces such as OpenRAN will shake up the operators’ supply chains and enable them to orchestrate and automate elements from multiple vendors for even greater ROI. 

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Mavenir Demonstrates 5G O-RAN Interface at Center of Innovation in Stockholm

October 3, 2019
Mavenir has successfully demonstrated the transmission of data traffic over O-RAN interface in a 5G New Radio during the official opening of the Center of Innovation in Stockholm.
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Mavenir Survey Reveals 100% Mobile Operators Plan to Implement OpenRAN

October 4, 2019
Survey reveals strong mobile operator momentum towards general purpose, vendor-neutral hardware and software-defined technology.
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Mavenir Demos 5G O-RAN Interface at New Swedish Innovation Center

7 October 2019
Mavenir has opened a second Center of Innovation, this one in Stockholm, Sweden. The focuses on open, virtualized radio access network (vRAN), next generation platforms 5G and IoT.
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Mavenir opens up new front to boost 5G NR and O-RAN development

3 October 2019
Mavenir has opened a new development Center of Innovation in Stockholm aimed to scale up vRAN 4G and 5G solutions based on O-RAN specifications, and emerging business opportunities in the enterprise and IoT space.
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‘OpenRAN is our identity’ – Analyst Event Highlights

As Mavenir is transforming and disrupting the market at a rapid pace, we paused to update key analysts on the latest and upcoming innovations.
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Why OpenRAN will disrupt the vendor landscape

It is not unreasonable to suggest that the survival of some operators and traditional Network Equipment Providers is in question. Burdened by legacy business models, they’re financially struggling to deliver the required innovation, flexibility and agility needed to remain competitive and profitable.  With 5G on the horizon, the vendor community can no longer be limited by this lack of openness.  

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xRAN Forum Updates Methods for Delivering RRU, BBU Interoperability

30 July 2018
It’s not a slam dunk, but the xRAN spec is a game changer poised to change how business is done.
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Mavenir Leads An OpenRAN Ecosystem

October 8, 2018

Simplified Engagement for Operators for Cloud RAN Solution with Open Interfaces

RICHARDSON, TX – October 8, 2018: Mavenir, focused on transforming mobile network economics for Communications Service Providers (CSPs), is announcing an OpenRAN partner ecosystem that provides more options and makes it easy for operators to deploy an innovative, flexible Cloud-based OpenRAN solution.   Mavenir will act as the End-to-End systems integrator simplifying the engagement for operators and cr

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Mavenir Spearheads OpenRAN Ecosystem with Partners

9 October 2018

Mavenir has teamed up with a number of telecoms vendors which include NEC and CommScope to launch an OpenRAN partner ecosystem.