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Mavenir Seeks to Build on Legacy as Telecom Disrupter

21 September 2018

Mavenir announced earlier this month that it had landed a deal with a Tier 1 North American carrier for Its NFV-based CloudRange™ platform.

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T-Mobile’s new Digits will change the way we use mobile

31 May 2017

Three reasons T-Mobile’s new DIGITS will change the way we use mobile in our lives - RCR Wireless

Susan Welsh de Grimaldo of Strategy Analytics wrote in RCR Wireless about the three reasons why Digits will change the way we use mobile.

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T-Mobile’s DIGITS Goes Live

25 May 2017

Continuing the Un-carrier’s summer celebration with a second announcement, today, T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) Chief Operating Officer Mike Sievert revealed in a video blog that DIGITS is launching Wednesday, May 31. DIGITS is a revolutionary new technology that breaks down the limitation of one number per phone and one phone per number.

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Mavenir on RCS Cloud Platform & Multi-ID

10 July 2017

Guillaume Le Mener, head of marketing and corporate development at Mavenir, discusses RCS and the recent launch of Multi-ID, which supports T-Mobile's

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Mavenir wins award for ‘Most innovative product/solution for Vendors’

10 December 2017

Mavenir's Cloud Communications Platform for Voice and Messaging is a new technology that decouples phone numbers from devices and eliminates the need to carry multiple phones.