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Mavenir and ADVA Ensemble partner to deliver Enterprise LTE solutions to Managed Service Providers and Enterprises

February 21, 2018

Enterprises can Build their own LTE Networks

RICHARDSON, TX & RALEIGH, NC – February 21, 2018: Mavenir, focused on transforming mobile network economics for Communications Service Providers, and Ensemble, a Division of ADVA Optical Networking, the leader in Edge NFV solutions have partnered to provide a complete end-to-end solution for Enterprise LTE.

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Nine companies that are testing CBRS

11 July 2018

Dozens of companies have asked the Federal Communications Commission for special temporary authority (STA) to conduct testing in the CBRS band over the last few years. Here are some of the STA permissions granted by the FCC in 2018 for testing CBRS:

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Say Good-bye to WiFi and DAS: Businesses are Choosing Enterprise LTE

Not so long ago, nobody would have predicted that businesses could move away from WiFi and DAS technologies for their private wireless networks. That was before Enterprise LTE. With the ongoing densification of mobile networks, the lower-cost availability of small cells, and new ‘white-label’ offerings from mobile network operators (MNOs), private LTE networks have become a viable solution for businesses.

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Mavenir’s Virtualized EPC - Unmatched Cost Savings, Flexibility and Scale

Nobody else provides a vEPC with the scalability and flexibility of Mavenir’s. Not even close.  With 3G and 4G networks, the ability to scale up was an important capability for an EPC.  But Mavenir recognizes that scaling a vEPC down to just 4 or 6 cores, along with a vBBU, opens the door to all kinds of revenue generating use cases today and in the future with 5G.

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Just Released: In-Building Virtualization White Paper

Our TCO model shows that operators, venue owners and enterprises could all benefit from a 48% decrease in combined capex and opex over five years in an in-building small cell deployment. Download the white paper to learn more information on small cell deployment and to read the full report.
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Enable New Business Models with the Flexibility of vRAN and vEPC

Distributed networks enable new business models

While RAN virtualization is leading to centralized approaches in the radio network, virtualization in the mobile core network allows key functions to be distributed out to the edge.


Enterprise LTE

Mavenir is the first in the industry to scale vRAN virtual machine technology for the enterprise marketplace, providing mobile operators the opportunity to offer enterprise customers a secure wireless LTE network, all running from an off the shelf (COTS) on-premises compute device.

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Evolution to 5G is marked by move to the edge

22 March 2018

Early deployments of commercial 5G services will look more like really fast LTE services, according to John Baker, Mavenir SVP, Business Development. During an interview with RCR Wireless News during Mobile World Congress 2018, Baker said 5G will really open up with an upgrade to a new core and the distribution of compute power to the network edge.