Edge Computing

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Vodafone Idea and Mavenir Partner to Extend Network as a Platform

October 14, 2019
Mavenir partners to extend Network as a Platform with @Vodafone Idea, who has largest Edge Cloud deployment in India.

Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC)

MEC creates a new ecosystem and value chain, enabling CSPs to securely open their Radio Access Network (RAN) edge to authorized third-parties while allowing them the flexibility to deploy innovative applications and services.

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Mavenir appoints Stockholm-based GM for Emerging Business

14 August 2019
According to Basu, the next technology evolution for agile, programmable and service-aware 5G networks are Multi-Access Edge Computing or Distributed Cloud solutions.
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Mavenir’s Virtualized EPC - Unmatched Cost Savings, Flexibility and Scale

Nobody else provides a vEPC with the scalability and flexibility of Mavenir’s. Not even close.  With 3G and 4G networks, the ability to scale up was an important capability for an EPC.  But Mavenir recognizes that scaling a vEPC down to just 4 or 6 cores, along with a vBBU, opens the door to all kinds of revenue-generating use cases today and in the future with 5G.

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Here’s why edge computing is attracting so much interest

27 June 2018

Edge computing is one of the latest and hottest buzzwords in the wireless industry. Already, AT&T is testing edge computing designs and Verizon has gone as far as to coin the term “intelligent edge network” for its latest upgrade efforts.


Virtualized Media Breakout Controller (vMBC)

Press Release

Carriers Could Realize Significant Cost Savings

May 15, 2018

A 32% local breakout will extend the current macrocell backhaul and EPC capacity by 25.6 months

RICHARDSON, TX – May 15, 2018: Mavenir, a leader in software-based, end-to-end Cloud Native network solutions, today released a new study showing that U.S. mobile carriers could realize savings of more than $546 million over a five-year period by utilizing a virtualized media breakout controller (vMBC) to offload 32% of video traffic.

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Speeding Up The Edge Cloud Core

22 September 2017

Operators face a choice in how to design a network architecture that can enable low system latencies for future applications. This guest post from Mavenir describes how its containerised, cloud-native vEPC, with control and user plane separation, can enable the edge cloud core. 

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Mavenir’s BG Kumar hails disruptive technology

1 March 2018

In 2018, US software-based telecom networking provider, Mavenir, will continue to embrace disruptive, innovative technology architectures and business models that drive service agility, flexibility and velocity, the company's president told Telecom Review. Ahead of Mobile World Congress 2018, BG Kumar discussed Mavenir's recent projects and acquisitions that serve the telecom sector.

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TIP Turns Three, Celebrates Production-Ready Mobile Network Technologies

25 February 2019

On the Telecom Infra Project's third birthday, Deutsche Telekom's Axel Clauberg says the collaborative group is celebrating the move of mobile network technologies out of the research phase and into the production stage.