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Turning to NFV for Delivering Messaging Services

The benefits of turning to NFV for delivering messaging services

Expected to generate around $113 billion in 2019, messaging continues to be a major source of revenue for communication service providers (CSPs), despite the threat to the market from over-the-top provider (OTT) services and cloud-based freemium solutions.

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Multi-Access Edge Computing will Transform Network Economics

Rapid advances in mobile computing power are pushing machine intelligence to the very edge of the network.

Known as Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC), this development is a critical success factor in the rise of the new 5G mobile networks that will deliver unheard of data speeds to an exponentially larger user base, and all at a fraction of the cost-per-bit expense.


Virtualized Evolved Packet Core (vEPC)

Mavenir vEPC is an innovative Evolved Packet Core (EPC) specifically designed from the ground up for virtualized environments. Organized in independent slices of the control, user, and management planes, Mavenir vEPC is free of the architectural restrictions posed by traditional, physical node-based packet cores.


Network Slicing

As mobile operators are preparing their networks for 5G and IoT, the increasing and varying connectivity demands present an opportunity for new business models. Network slicing creates multiple networks that share the same physical infrastructure.


CloudRange™ Platform

Delivering on the NFV promise of increased business agility, network elasticity and enabling new commercial opportunities, Mavenir has a comprehensive NFV solutions approach that includes engineering microservices, ready stateless machines and providing a leading edge NFV MANO suite.