Wholesale Fraud

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Wholesalers are perfectly placed to enhance their retail customers’ fraud detection, having strong relationships with their retail customers, extensive and robust network infrastructure ready to react to fraud.

They have international reach, financial strength as well as massive data sources to understand global traffic and trends.

Wholesalers commonly deal with revenue share frauds like IRSF, PBX hacking, Wangiri, but also handle arbitrage, high risk or abusive traffic that might not be paid. Extensive fraud intelligence. Understanding the need for an advanced detection approach.

Incoming traffic will often change as Operators switch wholesale carriers, leading to norms that can’t be anticipated easily requiring a flexible and forward-thinking fraud system.

Traditional detection approaches provide high usage reports based on volume, often with high false positives rates as traffic peaks cannot be anticipated.

Benefit with Machine Learning Approach

Mavenir provides adaptable fraud detection specific to Wholesaler needs. With Machine Learning, all traffic can be monitored and routed as a whole, per retail customer, per destination, or time interval. Detection of abnormal usage is done using key wholesale traffic metrics: average call length / answer ratio / call attempts / call completions / post gateway delay and answer delay / spread / intervals / breakout / simultaneous calls.

  • Alerts on originating carrier CLI and terminating destinations. Spoofed CLI’s or CLI Absent traffic still alerted based on B number
  • Easily handle spoofed CDR’s with a flexible ingest process unique to each carrier
  • Adapts for daily changing traffic patterns, allowing sudden traffic increases to not trigger high false positives.
  • No requirement for categorization of traffic - as Transit, Roaming, PBX, or even spoofed or CLI absent traffic all handled easily by Machine Learning.
  • Flexible data reporting on each retail customer operator
  • Monitor, all traffic received from retail customers
  • Powerful aggregation reports
  • Simple yet comprehensive traffic route reports


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