Credit Scoring

Credit Scoring image


Mavenir’s Credit Scoring module uses Machine Learning to provide signals/triggers to monitor users, focused on finding the correlation between customer connection details, smartphone behavior, and credit risk. Insights & signals can include:

  • Identify good credit scores based on the geolocation of the entire base
  • Use external credit check systems to enhance scores
  • Handset types: iPhone users tend to have lower late-payment rates than Android phone users
  • Making many changes when filling in the application
  • Multiple applications from a single Wi-Fi hot spot
  • The responsible borrower may keep their phone topped up
  • Individual whose calls to others are returned may have stronger social connections and similar credit scores

Enables mobile operators to:

  • Monetize services and increase revenues for unbanked subscribers
  • Identify ‘good’ customers based on Machine Learning models built from specific Operator data

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