The Trusted and Ready Solution to 5G in the US

Mavenir’s OpenRAN Solution

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Mavenir has long been a trusted technology vendor for the major U.S. mobile carriers – AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile and Dish – to supply 4G/5G solutions, and also works with 250 mobile network operators in 140 countries.


Mavenir is Speeding up 5G Deployment in the United States

Mavenir is a leader in developing and deploying virtualized networks and specifically, a disruptive technology architecture called OpenRAN.

Instead of using hardware-based and expensive proprietary equipment from foreign competitors, such as Huawei, Ericsson, and Nokia, Mavenir’s OpenRAN uses secure, software-based network infrastructure that runs on the hardware of the wireless carrier’s choice (e.g. servers made by Dell, HPE and Cisco). OpenRAN works with existing hardware, and as software, can enable updates to be done over the air. Operators are not locked into a specific vendor. The technology can be audited and verified by third parties, meaning networks and upgrades are secure.

OpenRAN creates more competition amongst network suppliers, which ultimately means more innovation, more resilient networks, and faster, less expensive deployment across all parts of the U.S., particularly in rural communities – not just the coasts and cities.

The Trusted and Ready Solution to 5G

OpenRAN Integration: Run with It

Download the white paper to learn the cost-saving benefits of OpenRAN, where it has been deployed successfully, the difference between virtualization and openness, and the solutions Mavenir offers to support OpenRAN deployment.


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OpenRAN by the Numbers

OpenRAN is being deployed today. iGR Research identified 22 publicly announced mobile network operators (MNOs) around the world using equipment from multiple vendors who had deployed OpenRAN in commercial networks.


OpenRAN: The Way Forward

Download the webinar recording to watch Mavenir discuss OpenRAN, the opening of the interfaces between various subcomponents of the RAN that fosters an innovative and vibrant ecosystem as well as new economics for operators.

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