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Commercially Deployed SMS

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Virtualized 4G Services

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Mobile-Native Enterprise Communications

2005 - 2011

Innovation Through the Years


Announcement: Industry's Most Advanced Network Security and Fraud Management Suite

Announcement: Media Breakout Controller Announced

World's First: Mobile-native Enterprise Communications

Award: 20 Most Promising Enterprise Communications Providers

Award: Most Innovative NFV Solution - CloudRange


Launch: Multi ID (DIGITS) – TMO US

Launch: NFV Openstack Cloud Deployment – Sprint

Launch: CloudRange and Virtualized Network Slicing for 4G/5G

World's First: Virtualized EPC Deployment

Announcement: Mavenir launches Network Slicing Suite for 4G/5G

Announcement: Cloud RAN and 5G Core Network Announced

Award: Communications Solutions Product of the Year – RCS Hub

Award: 5G Asia Best Telecom Service Innovation – Multi ID

Award: LTE Voice Best Use of VoLTE Network Post Commercialisation – Multi ID 

Award: Telecom Review Excellence Award Most Innovative Product/Solution 

Award: Glotel Advancing the Road to 5G – Cloud RAN


Launch: Advanced Messaging/Video Calling – TMO US

Award: Most innovative LTE Application/Service – VoLTE Solution

Award: Network Functions Virtualization innovation of the Year – Virtualized IMS

Award: Tech Titans FastTech Award – 25 Fastest Growing Companies in Dallas

Award: Telecom Review Best Innovation for Carriers


Launch: VoLTE – TMO US

Launch: VoWiFi – 3 UK

Launch: SMS over IMS – AT&T

Launch: DRA – Euro MNO

Award: NFV award -  Virtualized RCS Based on NFV

Award: IMS World Best RCS - RCS

Award: Global Telecoms Innovation Best IMS Core – IMS Core

Award: Emerging Company CEO Award – Pardeep Kohli

Award: LTE World Best VoLTE Innovation – VoLTE

Award: LTE World NFV Innovation of the Year – NFV

Award: LTE Asia NFV Innovation of the Year - NFV

Award: Tech Titans FastTech Award


Launch: EMEA Expansion – TELE 2, MTS, DTAG International, etc

Launch: RCS – DTAG

World's First: Virtualized 4G Services

Award: Most Innovative IMS Service Launch – RCS

Award: Best VoLTE Product – VoLTE

Award: Fierce Innovation Award – Virtualized IMS Platform

Award: TL9000 The Telecom Quality Management System


World’s First: VoLTE

World’s First: RCS

Award: Frost & Sullivan Entrepreneurial Company of the Year – Mobile Messaging Infrastructure

Award: CCA Industry Innovation Award - World's First Voice over LTE (VoLTE)

2005 - 2011

2010 – Award: Dallas 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies

2011 – World’s First: VoWiFi

2011 – Award: Dallas 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies

2011 – Award: Tech Titans Named Mavenir Fastest Growing Tech Company 

2011 – Award: Tech Titans Corporate CEO Finalist – Pardeep Kohli

2010 – Launch: VoLTE/RCS – AT&T/MetroPCS

2009 – Launch: SMS – TMO US

2008 – Launch: IMS end2end - TMO US

2005 – World’s First: Commercially Deployed SMS

2005 – Mavenir Founded

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5G Core Micro Services Communication

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Mavenir’s 5G Core is a Services Based Architecture (SBA), as defined by 3GPP and comprises of multiple Network Functions (NF), each with one or more service instances.  Communication between these service instances is required as well as within the NF itself. Also important to consider the communication in a distributed system architecture built to provide performance, fault tolerance, logging, and monitoring. In a Micro Services Architecture, there is a need for both synchronous and asynchronous communication.

Synchronous Communication

When the client sends a request and waits for a response from the service, where the thread is blocked until a response is received. In the case of a PDU Session Establishment, there are multiple operations performed in sequence between the same instance of AMF and SMF. Synchronous REST is used to exchange messages between these two instances. There are two ways to implement Synchronous communication, 

  • Client-Side Load Balancing
  • Server-Side Load Balancing

Both these approaches rely on a common framework for Service Registry, Health Check and Discovery, the differentiator is in whether the load balancing is done at the client-side or server-side.

Asynchronous Communication

When the client sends a request and does not wait for a response, where the thread is not blocked. Particularly important in case of configuration changes, where the sender publishes the configuration data and doesn’t wait, as applying the configuration will be a lengthy process. Also useful in cases of logging, monitoring, data transfer and analytics scenarios, where the there are multiple receivers of the same data.

In the synchronous communication, the consumer service needs to wait for a response from the producer service, and the producer service can only respond when it is sure that the data is safely stored or the request has been successfully processed. While this makes sense in case of service to service communication, such remote procedure calls can be avoided for data movement such as raw feeds or events or alarms or for communications where there are a group of recipients. This is where Publish/Subscribe queuing comes to the rescue. The NF service publishing the data into such a pub/sub queue and can proceed with its other tasks as soon as the data has made it safely onto a queue; it’s an inherent characteristic of the queue to ensure that the data is persisted and will eventually make it to the interested recipients. 

Mavenir Synchronous and Asynchronus Image


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