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Multi-ID, a Cloud Communications Platform for innovation in Voice, Video and Messaging. Mavenir's Multi-ID is a transformational NFV-based software platform that enables advanced feature sets and allows service providers to rapidly bring innovative and disruptive services to market. Leveraging existing IP-based network capabilities, CSPs can combine communication “building blocks” quickly and easily to offer game-changing, revenue generating services to subscribers, that are carrier independent, so they can work across different carriers.


Consumers today have personas for work, home and their personal lives often requiring them to manage several different contact numbers. For the first time, they will have a differentiated and native experience where they can send and receive voice, video and messaging across multiple devices using a single number, including messages, call logs and voicemail synchronization, as well, they can assign multiple numbers to a single device– all with carrier grade quality.

Multi-ID is easily set up by enabling one single identity that is attached to all numbers associated with one person.

Consumers can simply open the operator’s native application on any mobile device, make calls, listen to voicemails and send or receive text messages. Once one identity is set up to span all devices, it's ubiquitous, crosses the ecosystem and can be used interchangeably at any given moment.

  • Multiple phone lines, and features can be assigned to one customer on a single device – thereby eliminating the need to carry multiple devices (e.g. work / personal phone).
  • Any smart device can be personalized to act as one’s own mobile phone, whether on as needed basis or as a permanent extension of one’s identity across multiple devices.

While Multi-ID capability is ideally suited for VoLTE networks, it can also be deployed in any existing 2G/3G (CS) network.

The Multi-ID solution is powered by Mavenir’s IMS core, voice and rich messaging applications, Unified Communications Store, and downloadable Android and iOS clients. This is a fully cloud native solution built on a microservice architecture for Cloud or Operator hosted NFV environments. Multi-ID is available as a standalone platform, or as part of Mavenir’s broad suite of network solutions for mobile operators.

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