RCS Business Messaging

RCS Business Messaging enables brands, aggregators, enterprises and MNOs to monetize RCS messaging technologies and provide rich, multimedia end-user experiences from the native messaging application included in the mobile device.

Business Messaging

Business messaging is the most effective sales and marketing tool available today, but it also solves many other use cases, such as security and authentication, customer service, alerts and notifications, and appointment reminders. Businesses have been using SMS as the main messaging mechanism due to its universal reach (4 billion monthly active users in 2017, according to GSMA) but they have been limited by a 160-character text-based user experience. This has forced some businesses to create and manage costly, customized apps to engage with their customers, which has resulted in a proliferation of individual applications that take up space on the device, require unique login credentials and cause “app fatigue” on consumers.

Rich Communication Services (RCS), the next evolution of messaging, enables businesses to move away from customized apps with a technology that has the reach of SMS and the media richness and elegance of mobile apps, all on a tried and true secure channel. RCS capabilities are already supported in the Google Android Messaging client integrated into Android Oreo 8.0 devices as well as the Samsung Messages Client embedded in the latest Samsung Android Smartphones.

The rich multimedia capabilities of RCS and its chatbot discovery framework set the stage for richer brand-user interactions such as insurance claims with photos, interactive surveys, e-commerce, bills and payments, or location-based offers and promotions. However, implementing a complete solution that integrates all the individual components required by the use cases is costly and requires a significant amount of time.


The Mavenir Business Messaging Ecosystem allows service partners to integrate with Mavenir’s RCS and Messaging as a Platform (MaaP) solutions expanding their market reach to all the MNOs using Mavenir’s Rich Business Messaging solutions, and accelerating service deployment for MNOs, which can now access to a broad range of pre-integrated messaging enablers from their Mavenir messaging solution.

Mavenir’s Business Messaging Ecosystem is the bridge that connects mobile operators to the future of B2C interaction by allowing partners to pre-integrate with Mavenir’s solutions and make their messaging-based services available to more than 250 Mavenir MNO customers globally, reaching nearly 3 billion mobile messaging subscribers (500 million of which are already RCS enabled). It’s a win-win situation where the MNO can obtain revenue from business messaging faster by delivering a broad range of services to the enterprises, and the partner can increase their profitability by obtaining more income from a larger market and minimizing the cost of selling and integrating individually with each MNO.

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