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Mobile Data Sponsorship

Mavenir, the world’s leader in Messaging and RCS, acquires Aquto, the leader in sponsored data and data rewards

Aquto’s cloud based Mobile Data Sponsorship Platform builds a bridge between Carriers and the advertisement ecosystem, allowing Carriers to offer a Marketing Monetization Service and enabling enterprises/marketers to engage with users by giving them frictionless connectivity.

In developing markets, smartphone penetration is high but data usage is low - at any one time, up to 80% of smartphone users lack cellular data connectivity. The majority of mobile users in postpaid countries curb cellular data usage to avoid overages.

In more developed countries, the solution enables carriers to provide consumers (who have data connectivity and smartphones), the option to pay for content and other rewards through the promotions.

Sponsored data enables users to gain cellular data connectivity through 3rd party sponsorships and enterprises can use data sponsorship to reach users and increase mobile engagement.

Aquto uses data as a form of currency to improve engagement with marketers to fund sponsorship of mobile data. Aquto’s technology then enables marketers to use data sponsorship to improve mobile engagement across any type of mobile campaigns (app downloads, in-app engagement, media, etc.).

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