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Mavenir offers the industry's most advanced Network Security and Fraud Management Suite, a unique platform built with AI/Machine Learning & Big Data Analytics providing Real-Time Network Protection and Fraud Prevention. The model for mobile network economics includes protecting revenues from continuous and growing security and fraud threats. To protect the mobile operator’s revenue, security solutions utilizing Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning for Enhanced Messaging firewalls and A2P managed services are required.

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Mavenir’s Network Security and Fraud Management Suite includes several modules equipped with big data analytics and advanced AI techniques such as machine learning and deep learning. It enables mobile operators to address security threats from signaling network vulnerabilities and prevent most of the revenue leakage issues caused by various types of Fraud.

The key features of Mavenir’s Network Security and Fraud Management Suite include:

  • Easy-to-use / intuitive management interface for minimal response times to act on any unforeseen ongoing suspicious activity detected through sophisticated mitigation algorithms.

  • Powerful correlation engine offers detection of anomalous traffic patterns through efficient traffic profiling capabilities. The machine learning mechanisms behind the correlation engine create challenging obstacles for fraudulent activities to pass through unnoticed.

  • Supporting Analytics component enables CSPs to create interactive dashboards based on any required key performance indicators. The generated reports offer insights on the signaling traffic beyond security context helping the operators reveal any possible network optimizations or revise their interworking agreements.

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Machine learning capabilities enable real-time detection of complicated security and fraud scenarios as well as prediction of several types of Fraud. When combined with deep network integration directly into signaling stream as well as into data communication stream, detection and prevention are implemented real-time.

This approach addresses the majority of key Operator KPIs on revenue assurance, Fraud prevention, QoS, subscriber protection and profitability of various types of services.

The security suite fully covers protection of the core mobile network including the messaging revenue of modern CSPs.

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