Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC)

Mavenir’s UCC solution creates an integrated and seamless mobile-first user experience that includes high-quality voice and rich converged messaging with the contextual flow, providing the benefits of a UCC solution on any device -  phone, tablet or computer, regardless of location or network. A truly mobile-first UCC approach also presents a significant growth opportunity for mobile operators who have been, to date, effectively cut out of competing in the UCC market because of the wireline-based approach. 

Mavenir's UCC provides mobile operators with a complete UCC enterprise offering, including enterprise voice and video, a full set of cloud PBX features, personal web conferencing service, online audio and video conferencing for collaborative meetings, document sharing, screen sharing, whiteboarding and converged business messaging.

The ability to have a personal line and a business line on the same phone or device, regardless of carrier, with no need to switch between apps - built on Mavenir's Multi-ID solution: 

  • The industry’s only UCC converged messaging experience built on RCS with interworking to SMS/MMS, that allows users to send a message, using their business number, to anyone, anywhere

  • Business-grade mobile audio and video quality with cellular QoS

  • The ability to attend online meetings from mobile devices, without having to forego the sharing of presentations or whiteboarding

  • Flexible deployment options from deep integration to the IMS core to light integration for non-IMS solutions

Mavenir's UCC is built on CloudRange™, Mavenir’s network functions virtualization (NFV) and container management and orchestration (MANO) platform, with a Cloud Native and Web-Scale architecture.

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