The challenge: Regain and Increase Revenue by Blocking Fraudulent A2P Messages

Headquartered in Bogotá, Colombia, Telefónica Hispanoamérica realized that statistically, they must be losing valuable Application to Person (A2P) messaging revenue due to fraud, but had no idea how much, or how to stop it. MobileSquared estimates that global A2P messaging revenues will climb to $64B annually by 2020, with Latin American mobile operators losing 53.9% of annual A2P revenue due to grey route fraud, for a total loss of $7.2B from 2017-2020. As the second largest mobile operator in Latin America, Telefonica supports 186.4 million subscribers that send approximately 2 billion text messages monthly.

To address their A2P messaging concerns, Telefonica turned to Mavenir, not only for their industry leading Spam and Fraud Detection software but because they needed a trusted solution provider to partner with. They asked Mavenir to analyze their networks, and make strategic fraud prevention decisions without compromising the quality of their overall messaging services.