Glossary (Terms)

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Management and Orchestration = MANO

What is MANO? Mavenir's CloudRangeapproach includes architecting VNFs as Microservices, deconstructed into independently scalable components, as well as an NFV MANO suite.

Massive MIMO

Massive Multiple-Input Multiple-Output = Massive MIMO

What is Massive MIMO? Massive MIMO uses simultaneous transmit and receive streams controlled by software to create higher network capacity while minimizing errors and optimizing speed. With extended coverage offered by Massive MIMO, Mavenir helps operators avoid site densification that entails costly new base station sites.


Multi-access Edge Computing = MEC

What is MEC? The acronym used to be referred to as “Mobile Edge Computing,”. Mavenir leverages MEC usage as it describes the condition of the network’s machine intelligence and processing power being distributed out to the very devices accessing the network at the literal “edge,” i.e., Cloud RAN or vMBC.


Mobile-native Unified Communications and Collaboration = mUCC

What is mUCC? This is a product designation meaning a UCC system that is “mobile-native" to the operator core network.