Glossary (Terms)

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E2E = End-to-End (complete solution)

What is E2E? Mavenir’s fully virtualized vRAN (Virtualized RAN), small footprint EPC coupled with End to End (E2E) dynamic network slicing capabilities enable the deployment of tailored service-centric architectures at the network edge, transforming local context, agility, rapid response time and speed into value.

EPC = the Evolved Packet Core

What is EPC? The core network of the LTE System, EPC was introduced by 3GPP in release 8 as a “flat architecture” with the goal of handling data traffic more efficiently from a performance and cost perspective. EPC is offered by Mavenir as a virtualized solution (vEPC). The Mavenir vEPC cloud-based core network architecture is targeted to transform mobile networks through a highly scalable and nimble virtualized Evolved Packet Core (EPC) that can adapt to a range of emerging 4G LTE deployment use cases.