Data monetization is an ongoing challenge for operators. In many regions, while smartphone penetration is high, data penetration is low. Some estimates show that in emerging markets, at any given time, up to 80% of subscribers lack data connectivity. With prepaid subscribers purchasing little or no data, operators are looking toward sponsors (advertisers, marketers, and enterprises) to buy data on behalf of subscribers.


Mobile advertising is growing faster than any other form of advertising, including television, according to a recent Magna Global report.  Fifty-four percent of digital advertising sales are now generated by impressions and clicks on mobile devices.  With smartphones becoming a primary target for marketers, operators have a huge opportunity to monetize their data and build customer loyalty by connecting the marketers with their target audience. In a recent Mobile Marketing Association survey in Latin America, 93% of respondents indicated that they would watch a video or engage with a brand in exchange for mobile data.  Aquto’s Sponsored Data Platform provides for this type of value exchange by building a bridge to the mobile marketing and advertising ecosystem, solving the data monetization puzzle for operators worldwide.