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Mavenir, a leading innovator in 5G core (5GC) technology is currently enabling many of the world’s largest telco operators to make the quantum leap to the solution destined to revolutionize mobile services delivery: a cloud-native, service-based 5G core platform. Mavenir offers operators numerous options for delivering rapid value with a flexible core evolutionary path offering minimal risk, unlimited scale and greatly improved speed, security, and reliability:

  • Launch 5GC alongside existing EPC for discreet uses like stadiums
  • 5GC-ready capacity offloading of incremental 4G LTE communications
  • Converged 5GC alongside existing EPC
  • Single converged LTE and 5GC supporting WiFi non-3GPP Access
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Cloud native 5G core technology is a dramatic shift from the legacy networking paradigm. Instead of serving only a handful of applications and device types, Mavenir’s 5GC networks supports practically everything from every consumer, enterprise and industrial applications, including: 

•    Ultra-low latency and high reliability for industrial automation
•    High density for mobile IoT 
•    Ultra-high throughput for consumer applications such as real-time gaming 
•    Scaling from millions to billions of sessions, with data handling that seamlessly scales up from gigabytes to petabytes 

Mavenir’s cloud native 5GC is built upon the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) defined Service Based Architecture (SBA), supporting a programmable data path that handles massive throughput with a reduced hardware footprint. Built on commercial off-the-shelf hardware and open source software platforms, Mavenir's solution provides exceptional agility and cost efficiency. This enhanced DevOps-enabled software management model has already been proven in the highest-volume service delivery businesses such as Netflix. Mavenir has been deploying telecom networks for years and has adopted the advanced strategy of WebScale innovation using containers and Kubernetes that will ultimately revolutionize the 5G marketplace.


DevOps innovations allow organizations to harness the power and speed of collaborative, concurrent software enhancements and releases. Forward-thinking operators are prioritizing DevOps collaboration to realize the implementation of agile business strategies to transform their software development and delivery models. Failure to embrace this model will result in:

  • Stagnation in the face of WebScale velocity from the competition
  • Increased costs due to continued investment in outdated infrastructure
  • Lost revenue due to significantly restricted delivery of service updates

The key is harnessing the power and speed of collaborative, concurrent enhancements for a significant competitive advantage.

5G Core Cloud Native DevOps Benefits



Mavenir’s architecture makes multiple evolution options possible, providing a flexible solution regardless of where operators are in their transition process. Mavenir’s approach helps operators begin the transition to a disaggregated and modular, containerized microservice software-based network running on general purpose processing platforms; providing the opportunity to train employees, adjust operational processes and test drive DevOps based software deployment – all while reducing cost and risk.


Mavenir is a visionary in 5GC cloud native implementations. Others advocate multi-year upgrades via incremental upgrades to Evolved Packet Core (EPC), while Mavenir is ready to deploy its cloud-native 5GC solution today.


Network Architecture Evolution Strategy



Utilizing cloud-native microservices Mavenir implements interoperable solutions that 3GPP definitions don’t address, including working with legacy protocols. Mavenir has conceived, tested and proven that this solution can provide this critical interoperability today. During a recent 5GC solution demonstration, a Tier-1 US operator was highly impressed with the innovation thought leadership of architecting Network Functions that deliver flexibility over and above the current definitions.

Mobile Edge Computing creates a new ecosystem and value chain, enabling CSPs to securely open their Radio Access Network edge to authorized third parties while allowing them the flexibility to deploy innovative applications and services. This widens the addressable market for CSPs beyond the traditional consumer-centric business model to varied vertical markets such as automotive, health, energy, education, manufacturing, and many others.


The 3GPP standards that Mavenir’s cloud-native 5G core services are based upon delivering benefits and innovation that were unimaginable with prior mobile network platforms. One of the most efficient and effective innovations are new machine learning functions that allow operators to monitor status, performance, and security of network slicing and third-party applications including: 

  • The Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF)
  • Network Slice Selection Function (NSSF)
  • Policy Control Function
  • Continual optimization of Quality of Service of mobile devices on the network

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) automation provide ongoing monitoring of the network at a highly granular level; resulting in agile end-to-end automation for designing, deploying and optimizing the network slices for rapid service delivery and optimization.


Automated AI / ML Monitoring & Alerts

Automated AI / ML monitoring


Mavenir's 5GC solution seamlessly delivers ultra-high-speed connectivity for services like mobile gaming over a slice, and low latency service for industrial automation on another slice of the network; both co-existing on the same underlying hardware. Mavenir has commercially deployed an ML Security as a Solution (SECaaS) that supports signaling plane security, DDoS detection, and IoT service anomaly detection as part of the NWDAF offering. 

5G Core Benefits of Network AI



Mavenir has successfully shown abilities to provide the most important 5GC functions such as AMF, SMF, UPF, NSSF, AUSF, and NRF to Tier-1 operators in the US and Europe. One of these operators ranked Mavenir #1 in a recent RFP response for the rapid deployment of a solution that’s ready for the future today. In every 5GC category, Mavenir has validated the innovations based on the microservices enhancements implemented.


Mavenir is pushing the envelope of innovation by architecting and implementing a 5GC solution for the rapidly transforming telecom market. The overall concept might be rather new to the telecom world, but operators have witnessed the verifiable benefits Mavenir's solution provides. This true collaboration between Mavenir and the operator community to build 5GC provides the foundation for 5G business models and future use cases.

Mavenir 5G Mobile Core Platform

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