CloudRange™ Platform

CloudRange™ is Mavenir's network functions virtualization (NFV) and container management and orchestration platform

Delivering on the NFV promise of increased business agility, network elasticity and enabling new commercial opportunities, Mavenir has a comprehensive NFV solutions approach that includes engineering microservices, ready stateless machines and providing a leading edge NFV MANO suite.

CloudRange™ allows CSPs to realize additional revenue streams by launching and scaling new services more broadly, rapidly and more efficiently. At the same time, reducing opex/capex with automation, making networks programmable for future 5G network slicing.  It is built with a Cloud Native and Web-Scale architecture, drastically driving down the network economics for mobile operators with scalability, efficiency, and automation.

NFV MANO solution empowers operators with highly efficient orchestration and control of VNF assets and helps to deliver cost savings by including NFV infrastructure elements for traffic aggregation, load balancing and end-to-end service assurance with analytics, monitoring, and orchestration. In addition, CloudRange™ includes Virtual Taps and Traffic monitoring along with open networking switches that are fully controlled and managed by Mavenir SDN-Controller.

Cloud Range Ecosystem


Mavenir CloudRange

  • Puts CSPs in control of VNF or container lifecycle management

  • Provides End-to-End service assurance including analytics, monitoring, orchestration

  • Delivers additional cost savings to operators by using protocol aggregators and load balancer

  • Enables faster startup time and portability with containerized deployment

  • Minimizes dangers of proprietary approaches by managing and scaling containers or VMs in single and multi-vendor environments

  • Provides a lightweight, high-performance cloud-native microservices architecture

  • Avoids legacy supplier lock-in and proprietary approaches

Mavenir's approach includes architecting VNFs as Microservices, deconstructed into independently scalable components, as well as, an NFV MANO suite. This ensures the tightly-coupled ability to manage and orchestrate virtualized network functions (VNFs) for efficient control over assets in a flexible, reliable, and secure way. CloudRange™ is ETSI compliant and includes categories of common infrastructure shared across all Mavenir network functions. These categories are Management Services (such as Orchestrators, VNF & Container Managers, SDN Controllers), Protocol Aggregation, Load Balancing, Service Assurance, and Monitoring.

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