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Manage Networks Efficiently and Deploy New Services

Web-scale architectures and automation are the keys to unlocking digital transformation and realizing the potential of 5G. CSPs need true cloud native software that is designed to optimize underlying cloud resources and leverage tools that offer IML based, closed loop automation that can dynamically manage network resources to support on-demand network slicing and meet SLA requirements for new revenue generating use cases. The MAVscale platform supports wide-scale automation and utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to efficiently manage network resources and deploy new services.

The platform delivers Mavenir’s vision of a single, multi-generational, automated network platform which is specifically tuned to deliver telecom capabilities and can run on any cloud. Platform logic is decoupled from applications, allowing for fast, software-based deployment of new services. MAVscale provides deployment flexibility allowing portions of the network such as IMS and core messaging to run in a public cloud while RAN runs in a private cloud. Leveraging the public cloud supports processing closer to the end customer reducing latency and lowering transport costs. Dynamic allocation of network resources becomes a reality.

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