IMS Core Product Suite

Foundational technology for all IP communication services. With the desire to shift towards convergence and all IP networks, the adoption of IMS core technology is increasing rapidly.

Operators offer differentiated services such as HD voice over LTE (VoLTE), Wi-Fi calling (VoWiFi), video calling, converged messaging, and rich communication services (RCS) to enterprises and consumer customers.

An IMS core for all network access types and a common provisioning and management system help decrease operational costs and allows convergence of the network to deliver voice and rich multimedia services across any network access (LTE, WiFi, and eventually 5G).

Mavenir is a leading provider of a Virtualized IMS Core suite of products, including VoLTE, VoWiFi, and RCS solutions based on NFV-based architecture. Mavenir virtualized technology allows operators to create and manage Telco grade service availability in environments based on a wide range of commercially available off-the-shelf hardware.

The Mavenir IMS Core product suite consists of a Serving Call Session Control Function (S-CSCF), Interrogating Call Session Control Function (I-CSCF) and Border Gateway Control Function (BGCF) components.

Mavenir expertise has been instrumental in creating and implementing highly scalable and resilient IMS solutions in technologies commonly used in large scale Telco data centers. Our virtualized IMS solutions offer deployment flexibility to help meet a range of business needs, including multi-tenancy, capacity elasticity, and more.

Call Session Control Functions

Mavenir's Call Session Control Functions (CSCF) have software modules integrated with Presence, IM, and Voice application servers on a scalable platform

Application Gateway

Mavenir’s Application Gateway (AGW) is 3GPP Generic Authentication Architecture (GAA) compliant extensible authentication solution.

Charging Collection Function

Mavenir’s Charging Control Function (CCF) solves the challenge of collection, aggregation, processing, and transfer of charging data from multiple components in an all IP IMS network. Due to the distributed nature of IMS, Charging Data Records (CDRs) are generated from multiple IMS network elements such as Call Session Control Function (CSCF), Application Servers, and Session Border Controller (SBC) (among others).

Mavenir Subscriber Data Management Product


HSS (Home Subscriber Server) / CDB (Converged Subscriber Database) is a multi-profile management system solution that provides an extensible centralized repository for storing all subscriber-related profile information (IMS and EPC) that can easily be adapted to provide new and innovative services such as Converging Groups, Provisioning of subscriber and global profiles using diameter interface, User Profiles, Access Rules.

The Solution can be deployed in one or a combination of the following:

  • HSS FE - manages and controls the access to the UDR and can support different data access technologies to integrate new UDR implementations. ​ Deployed as a Front End (FE) only solution and integrates with a pre-existing database

  • UDR FE - Data-less application front-end implementation to support HSS and ENUM functions in full compliance to 3GPP specifications

  • Standalone HSS/CDB - integrates the HSS FE or UDF FE functionality with a dedicated subscriber data repository that is tightly integrated into a single deployable solution.​
    • Common subscriber database for IMS and EPC subscriptions
    • Standard Provisioning interfaces makes easier integration with CRM systems
    • Flexible Deployment Models
    • 3GPP Compliant Home Subscription Server
    • Telco Grade 99.999%
    • Geographically Redundancy
    • Bulk Provisioning Support
    • Fully Virtualized/NFV Deployment ​
    • Highly Scalable and can be introduced for smaller M2M deployments and big Tier 1 operators 


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