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Modernizing the Core

Mavenir is the world leader in virtualized mobile core deployments and has gained the trust of customers who are modernizing and automating their networks, future-proofing their business. They trust Mavenir to deliver a cloud-native, fully virtualized, and fully containerized mobile core, providing a unique and better way to deliver voice, data, video, messaging, and other core services with MAVcore solutions to their worldwide users.

Mavenir’s cutting-edge software technology speeds up modernization: open architectures allow for greater choice; virtualization enables multiple applications to run across a shared pool of commercial of-the-shelf servers; automation reduces the reliance on human involvement and reduces operational costs significantly; AI enhances the ability of software to managed and to improves performances; and finally, a cloud-native approach makes orchestration easier.

MAVcore provides a true software evolution towards one converged network for all generations that can run on any cloud: private, hybrid or public, transforming the economics of the network of the future.

MAVcore is setting the stage for the future – where virtualized networks and cloud-native adoption will fulfill the promise of 5G and beyond!

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Cloud-Native IMS

Messaging Evolution / RCS

Converged Packet Core

Voice Evolution

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