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Radio Access Networks (RAN)

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A flexible Radio Access Network (RAN) is the cornerstone of next-generation mobile network infrastructure. The evolved RAN architecture, designed with Cloud Native virtualization techniques, enables the RAN to flex and adapt based on usage and coverage. This flexibility provides expanded and more convenient network location choices for the baseband processing. In addition, it offers a strategic differentiation by enabling the RRUs to interwork with the virtualized Cloud BBU over a non-ideal fronthaul (i.e. ethernet), overcoming the traditional constraints of CPRI over fiber.

The Evolution of New Radio Technology

There is a need for a New Radio evolution to improve spectral efficiency and superior network capacity. This evolution starts with 5G NR (New Radio) which is the new standard for 5G wireless technology capable of a much faster, efficient and scalable network. 5G New Radio technology is based on flexible OFDM waveforms and multiple access techniques, optimized for the various 5G services, applications, and deployment scenarios.

As one of the early members of XRAN, now ORAN, Mavenir’s solution is based on OpenRAN specifications and tested with the partner ecosystem. The OpenRAN approach frees operators from lock-in with incumbent infrastructure, making it easier to deploy a cloud-based OpenRAN solution. Increasingly, operators are embracing and implementing ORAN, solidifying the power of OpenRAN to address a greater variety of deployment scenarios.

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