TIP’s “Killer” $1,000 Radio Unit to be Available by Mid-2020 - Mavenir


TIP’s “Killer” $1,000 Radio Unit to be Available by Mid-2020

25 February 2020

TIP (Telecom Infra Project) has officially launched a project to define a low cost “killer” Remote Radio Head (RRH) design that can slot into O-RAN and OpenRAN-based radio networks. Santiago Tenorio, the newly appointed Chair of TIP, said the Evenstar project will be ready to roll in mid-2020. He told TMN that the aim is to have a RRH that can be priced to the market at about $1,000.

Mavenir stated this year that one thing that would make its life easier would be to open up the market for low-cost Radio Units. This would lower the overall Open RAN deployment costs of its customers and give them more flexibility of vendor partners.

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