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Network Virtualization & SDN Americas 2019

17 – 19 September 2019 Dallas, Texas

Join Mavenir at the Network Virtualization & SDN Americas conference in Dallas, TX on 17-19 September 2019.

5G networks will be dependent on virtualization and cloud native microservice architectures to support growing data demands. As a proven expert, Mavenir is committed to a cloud-centric infrastructure across its end-to-end 5G portfolio (vRAN, vEPC, IMSSecurity, and other critical solutions), using open development techniques and programming tools to deliver networks of the future. With award-winning 5G Core and vRAN solutions, Mavenir is uniquely positioned as a full end-to-end 4G LTE and 5G, IoT network provider.




    Bejoy Pankajakshan
    Bejoy PankajakshanClick for Bio
    Keynote: WebScale from IT to Telco
    19 September 2019, 09:25 CT
    • What is Webscale?
    • What are the specific requirements between Webscale and telco players
    • What gaps do we have in the container management eco-system to achieve telco-grade performance?
    • Which segments are critical from a latency perspective?
    • What features are required to support micro-services architecture in all the segments?
    • Which factors are difficult to implement in the telco
    Lightning Talk: Telco Cloud Strategy: Pick A Cloud – Any Cloud
    18 September 2019, 14:30 CT

    One of the most important decisions service providers must make in their virtualization journey is whether to implement virtualized services in private, public or hybrid clouds.

    These lightning talks will document the factors and related decision points that will drive this selection process including considering the impact of deploying cloud-native services in whatever configuration(s) is implemented.

    Brandon Larson
    Brandon LarsonClick for Bio
    Keynote Panel: Why the Dream of Network Slicing Needs the Reality of SDN & NFV
    19 September 2019, 09:40 CT
    • Network slicing is positioned as the next big thing in service delivery, but for it to be worth implementing at scale, telcos must be able to dynamically assign network resources.
    • SDN and NFV are often quoted as being the lynchpin for delivering this more agile network management.
    • With the evolution of cloud architectures, how is that affecting the development of network slicing architectures and management models?
    • What more needs to be built in to operationalize network slices for real industry verticals?
    • How can we enforce SLAs for individual network slices?