28 February – 1 March 2018 Barcelona, Spain
Discover how Mavenir is Transforming Mobile Network Economics:

At Mavenir, the industry’s only end-to-end network provider, we’re uniquely positioned to truly transforming mobile network economics.

Revenue Generation

Mobile operators are under pressure to meet capacity demand while launching new innovative offerings in highly competitive mobile services markets. They now compete with web-scale companies like Amazon, Facebook and Google that offer similar, even more innovative, services at a far lower cost base and with agile development environments that speed time to market. Learn more here.

Cost Reduction

In the 5G era, mobile operators need new ways to build networks and deliver services today that are cost-efficient, flexible, and agile. The cost-per-bit models and network architectures that dictated 4G strategies will not support 5G use cases. The new model for mobile network economics is founded on dramatic savings in capital and operating expenditure (capex and opex), distributed computing architectures that foster new service models, standard open interfaces and rapid innovation. Learn more here.

Revenue Protection

The new model for mobile network economics includes revenues from the growing SMS-based B2C market and is now under continuous security threat. To protect the mobile operator’s revenue, security solutions utilizing Artificial intelligence for Enhanced Messaging firewalls and A2P managed services are required. Learn more here.


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    John Baker
    John BakerClick for Bio
    Transforming Mobile Network Economics of 4G/5G
    28 February 2018, 09:00 CT

    The continued explosion of smart mobile devices for connected users with increasing appetite for connectivity, is resulting in a surge in mobile data traffic worldwide. Service providers coping with such growth need to find new ways to monetize their network investments and develop new business models with OTT providers and Enterprise services.

    According to Cisco’s latest Mobile Visual Networking Index (VNI) report, the volume of mobile data traffic will expand by another seven times over the next four years, reaching nearly 12 billion mobile devices and connections and generating 49 exabytes of mobile traffic by 2021.

    With a more diverse range of Radio Access technologies, with those capable of 1 Gbps and ultra-low latency of 1 millisecond (ms), 5G will complement or even supplement, broadband connectivity and change the end user experience. The average traffic per 5G connection, for instance, will be 5x relative to 4G connections.

    While 4G has been driven by device proliferation and broader connectivity, 5G will mostly be driven by IoT. The fast approaching 5G transition is changing the future of content, distribution and the ways in which mobile consumers engage.  With the content delivery shifting to 5G powered mobile wireless devices and with control over the content, it is important for operators to upgrade their network to be able to handle the massive growth in traffic and deliver content and services with low latency.

    As the industry’s only 100% S/W End-to-End Cloud Native solutions provider, Mavenir will share strategies to transform mobile network economics by:

    • Embracing disruptive and innovative technology and business models

    • Driving service agility, flexibility, and velocity

    • Driving NFV evolution to achieve web-scale economics

    • Offering solutions to increase/protect revenue & reduce costs

    The Communication Service Provider must adapt to the technology changing the economics of the network and look at cost reduction and revenue generations strategies.