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India Mobile Congress 2019

14 – 16 October 2019 New Delhi, India

Join Mavenir at India Mobile Congress in New Delhi, India to discuss disruptive technologies that reduce cost, generate new revenues and increase network security.

India has emerged as one of the largest mobile data consuming markets in the world and undergoing a wave of 4G coverage.  Mobile operators are looking for ways to reducing network costs (both capex and opex) as they facilitate 4G services and look to build 5G capabilities.

Mavenir’s innovative vRAN solution is designed to address the requirements of pre-5G networks with design and programming capabilities that enable simple and inexpensive upgrades to 5G.  The approach is an attractive and clear pathway for CSPs from traditional legacy radio infrastructure and offers a clear path to 5G

Mavenir’s 5G native cloud core technology is designed for mobile communications systems with the functional capabilities to support high bandwidth, massive IoT connectivity and ultra-low latency applications.

As part of Mavenir’s Enterprise Portfolio, Mavenir Mobile Business Contact provides a nimble, quickly deployable solution that allows Communications Service Providers to differentiate with a modern, cost-effective, paradigm-changing solution for customer engagement and retention. [Free Trial]



    Bejoy Pankajakshan
    Bejoy PankajakshanClick for Bio
    CEOs Conclave - Imagine the Connected Future
    15 October 2019, 00:20 CT
    Keynote Speaker: “Evolving Roles of OEMs in the Digital Revolution”
    16 October 2019, 11:15 CT
    Ashok Khuntia
    Ashok KhuntiaClick for Bio
    IoT: Redefining Ecosystem - Challenges and Way Forward
    15 October 2019, 14:30 CT