GSMA Fraud and Security Group (FASG) #14 - Mavenir


GSMA Fraud and Security Group (FASG) #14

14 – 16 May 2019 Paris, France

Mavenir’s Security and Fraud Management Suite protects the network in real-time, and with predictive analytics and machine learning, the network is protected even as new vulnerabilities arise. It is the nature of Fraud that it never stops, it only changes as methods get more sophisticated.

At GSMA’s FASG #14 Mavenir will discuss the management of fraud and security matters related to the protection of mobile operator technology, networks/services, infrastructure, and customer identity, security and privacy.



Ian Pattinson
Ian PattinsonClick for Bio
Panel: Cutting Edge – Discussing the Key Developing Use Cases and Deployments
23 May 2019, 11:20 CT

With 5G services and applications on the horizon, communications service providers will need to support high-performance and ultra-low latency requirements. Network Slicing and Edge Computing become critical in this new hyper-connected world. This panel will discuss:

  • The key business drivers for edge computing and which use cases will be the first to deploy
  • How to network slicing innovation will enable service providers to leverage virtualization to support specific 5G use cases such as connected cars, smart factories and more
  • How the access architecture will shift to leverage open reference architectures built from a multi-vendor ecosystem to break vendor lock-in, reduce costs, and accelerate service introduction
  • Lessons learned from initial trial deployments
Speaking: Cloud Native NFVi – How Suitable for 5G Services?
23 May 2019, 13:50 CT