5G World 2020 - Mavenir


5G World 2020

1 – 3 September 2020 Online

Join Mavenir at 5G World to discuss transforming mobile network economics and discover the latest 5G technology innovations.

In 2020 networks will be rolling out that are almost unrecognizable from previous eras. The next generation end-to-end networks will be virtualized, cloud-native, software-defined, highly programmable, open and automated.

Driven by the need for new mobile network economics, operators are now laying the foundations for an unprecedented upheaval in their architectures and organizational structures.

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Marko Babovic
Marko Babovic
Increasing Network Flexibility with Disaggregated and Virtualised 5G RAN
2 September 2020, 12:50 BST

• Restructuring RAN with Cloud
• Achieving flexible orchestration for C-RAN based on service requirements
• The importance of open interfaces
• Disaggregating monolithic RAN systems
• Performing service-based slicing
• Using automation and orchestration for slicing