5G MENA 2020

29 – 31 March 2020 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Come to 5G MENA 2020 booth #8 to discuss how Mavenir is revolutionizing mobile economics for operators by offering disruptive technologies that reduce cost, generate new revenue streams and increase network security for CSPs.

Mavenir is committed to cloud-centric infrastructure across its end-to-end 5G portfolio (vRAN, vEPC, 5G Core, IMS, Security, and other critical solutions), using open development techniques and programming tools to deliver next generation networks.

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    Bejoy Pankajakshan
    Bejoy PankajakshanClick for Bio
    The Paradigm Shift in RAN and Packet Core Open Infrastructure Enabled by New Web Scale Platforms
    30 March 20, 10:00
    • 5G use cases demand openness and interoperability in traditionally closed ecosystem
    • The whole new paradigm. (ie O-RAN alliance) allowing operators to experiment with vendor mix for different parts of the solution and chose what’s best for them)
    • With 5G, the packet core, bring more intelligence and automation into how service provider networks will be designed, deployed and managed in future
    • A whole new approach for a web scale platform which is open, can easily integrate with service provider’s backend systems and allow hosting of applications and systems from other vendors.
    Full Network Transformation and 5G SA
    30 March 20, 14:15
    • Exploring the migration and deployment options on the road to SA
    • The business case for 5G SA: facilitating a wide range of new industry use cases
    • Achieving a simplified RAN architecture and cloud-native 5G Core
    Mark Charman
    Mark CharmanClick for Bio
    The RAN Evolution
    30 March 20, 16:50
    • From RAN to C-RAN and V-RAN
    • RAN architecture for flexibility and AI enablement
    • The OpenRAN and virtualization revolution: outcomes and learnings so far

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