5G Business Summit 2019 - Mavenir


5G Business Summit 2019

25 – 27 June 2019 Sydney, Australia

Come to 5G Business Summit to discuss how Mavenir is revolutionizing mobile economics for operators by offering disruptive technologies to reduce cost, generate new revenue streams and increase network security.

Mavenir’s 5G Core Network capabilities and vRAN solutions provide a platform for mobile operators to succeed as the need for higher bandwidth, massive IoT connectivity, and ultra-low latency applications continue to increase.


John Baker
John BakerClick for Bio
Speaking: The Infrastructure Hump and Economics of 5G Australia
25 June 2019, 09:30 CT
  • What are the main 5G rollout drivers?
  • How can 5G be rolled out in the fastest, smoothest, and most efficient way possible, while meeting the key objectives of successful coexistence with 4G and continuous growth?
  • Initial 5G rollout: what will it look like?
  • Post-2020 rollout
  • How will 5G transform existing enterprise network capabilities?