Mavenir Scoops Award for Next Generation 5G Core

31 May 2019

A leading contributor to mobile network development is ready to deploy its Cloud Native 5G Core solution

Richardson, TX and Berlin, Germany:  Mavenir, the industry’s only End-to-End Network Software Provider,  was recognized as the leading contributor in the development of the next generation of software-led mobile networks for its advanced Cloud Native 5G Core at the Network Virtualization Europe conference in Berlin.  

The 5G Core is critical as next-generation 5G mobile networks represent a quantum shift in the principles of network architecture.  Instead of serving a handful of different device types and applications, 5G networks will be required to support practically every conceivable device, application, and service from the consumer, enterprise & industrial sectors. As a result, each 5G network needs to scale from supporting millions to billions of connections – with data handling that seamlessly scales up from gigabytes to petabytes.  

Mavenir’s approach has focused on redefining the economics of building mobile networks through software-led solutions that are hardware-agnostic, thereby reducing the cost of building the 5G core (5GC) network. Mavenir also simplifies operational complexity by supporting open interfaces and Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) hardware deployments; completely eliminating the operator’s reliance on costly proprietary solutions from traditional vendors. 

Mavenir also allows operators to transition to a microservices framework that allows network functions to be engineered into smaller, independent services that are not dependent upon any specific coding language or proprietary system. Utilizing Cloud Native microservices Mavenir uniquely implements interoperable solutions that 3GPP definitions don’t address, including working with legacy protocols. Additionally, Mavenir offers operators numerous options for delivering rapid value with a flexible core evolutionary path that greatly reduces risk while delivering unlimited scale and significantly improved speed, security, and reliability.

“We have already demonstrated our abilities to provide the most important 5GC functions such as AMF, SMF, UPF, NSSF, AUSF and NRF to Tier 1 mobile network operators in the US and Europe,” said Pardeep Kohli, Mavenir President, and CEO.  “Now the importance of our contribution to accelerating the introduction, and reduce the cost, of building 5G networks has been recognized by the expert judges in these prestigious awards.” 

Added Kohli, “Mavenir has also developed machine learning, Security as a Solution (SECaaS) functionality that supports signaling plane security, DDoS detection, and IoT service anomaly detection as part of our NWDAF offering. Mavenir’s contribution helps reduce the time-to-market for 5G services by minimizing system integration.”