Mavenir updates on open RAN

12 June 2019
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Mavenir offers virtual RAN alternative to 5G oligopoly

14 June 2019
American telecom supplier Mavenir says it is offering a virtual Radio Access Network alternative to the global mobile network supply oligopoly and is currently contesting a number of tenders and…

A walk round 5G World

14 June 2019 by The Mobile Network
One of those that took the chance to play up its part was Mavenir, which combined the largest amount of floor space with an analyst event the day before the Conference and a couple of speaking…

Mavenir updates on open RAN: ‘Base stations with their own app stores’

12 June 2019 by RCR Wireless
In a keynote session today at 5G World, Baker provided an update on the development of Virtualized and Open RAN, describing the potential for a major shakeup in the vendor landscape on the back of…


23 May 2019 by The Times
5G will only accelerate the volume and variety of data traffic further, shattering legacy service delivery models and impacting the network economics. For consumers, this is a welcome addition as…

We’re in last place but we’re actually leading 5G race – T-Mobile US

8 May 2019 by Telecoms
T-Mobile US is currently in last place for the 5G race, but if you listen to the magenta-tinged spin, its actually in first place. Some might believe T-Mobile US claims. It only wants to launch 5G…

Mavenir wants to replace the proprietary baseband unit with x86 and software

17 April 2019 by Fierce Wireless
Operators have traditionally sourced proprietary equipment for the baseband unit of the radio access network (RAN) from vendors such as Nokia and Ericsson. But Mavenir is challenging these vendors…

Cellcom enlists Mavenir for IMS core

9 April 2019 by Fierce Wireless
After what’s been described as an exhaustive search, Cellcom has chosen Mavenir to deploy its virtualized IMS mobile core and voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) software solutions in its Michigan and…

Mavenir on a Roll

29 March 2019 by Market Mettle
Mavenir on a roll Working at research facilities at Adastral Park, Mavenir is responsible for the virtual network functions of the new node and is acting as BT’s software partner for its trials…

Rakuten CTO Tareq Amin on innovations in network architecture

28 February 2019 by Telecomlead
Rakuten is trying to bring out innovation in its network architecture before the launch in Oct 2019....the technology partners of Rakuten Mobile Network including Cisco, Nokia, Intel,…

RCS is here to stay and doing well

26 February 2019 by Telecoms
Mavenir, the software company, presented on day 1 of MWC 2019, promoting its rich communication solutions offered by Rakuten. The key benefits, or the main use cases that RCS can differentiate from…