Vodafone Offers Europe Up to OpenRAN

13 November 2019
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We’re in last place but we’re actually leading 5G race – T-Mobile US

8 May 2019 by Telecoms
T-Mobile US is currently in last place for the 5G race, but if you listen to the magenta-tinged spin, its actually in first place. Some might believe T-Mobile US claims. It only wants to launch 5G…

RCS is here to stay and doing well

26 February 2019 by Telecoms
Mavenir, the software company, presented on day 1 of MWC 2019, promoting its rich communication solutions offered by Rakuten. The key benefits, or the main use cases that RCS can differentiate from…

Mavenir Places Fortunes in Hands of Big Boys and RCS

12 June 2018 by Telecoms
Mavenir is a business which has been growing steadily over the last few years, capitalizing on the virtualization buzz, though future prospects could ultimately be out of their control. One aspect…

vMBC Delivers Vital Internet Traffic Offload at the Network Edge

1 June 2018 by Telecoms
Operators are facing a dilemma – How to remain profitable while cost-effectively meeting rapidly escalating network capacity demands. Nearly 80 percent of user data that transits an operator’s…

What Can the UK Learn From China to Bolster Its 5G Market and Ensure its Success

27 July 2017 by Telecoms
Vendors and operators across the UK are currently looking towards China, which is on track to launch commercial 5G networks by 2020 and is expected to become the world’s largest 5G market by 2025…