Intelligence Brief: What are the Top Tips for TIP?

24 October 2018

There is no doubt that vRAN fronthaul; efficient power technologies; artificial intelligence and machine learning; end-to-end network slicing; solution integration; and edge networking are all critically important telecoms technologies. And there is no doubt they can all benefit from the TIP treatment.

What is less certain is whether TIP can focus on all of these simultaneously and show progress with scaling attractive solutions which are more than one-off demos or trials. As the scope of any company or organization expands, there is always the risk of spreading its energies too thin. TIP is not immune to this.

Network supplier expertise versus inertia

If the TIP is successful, it will bring new technologies into operator networks. And with those technologies will come new vendors. Hence, we saw the best-performing vendors of the OpenRAN RFI including a broad set of players extending beyond the traditional end-to-end network players: Mavenir; Parallel Wireless; Altiostar; Fairwaves; Radisys; BaiCells; NEC; ASOCS; Phluido; Comba; Dali Wireless; and VANU (in no particular order).