Verizon Quietly Builds a Completely Cloud-Based Wireless Service

28 January 2019

Roughly three years ago Verizon management decided to enter the prepaid, BYOD market with a new stealth brand. Much like AT&T's Cricket or Sprint's Boost -- or Pepsi's Izze brand of carbonated juice drinks -- the move allows Verizon to get into market niches with a different brand that doesn't carry the legacy trappings and associations that the operator's standard big red logo does.

The result of that effort, Visible, launched last year with a $40 unlimited plan that users can activate and manage solely through the service's mobile app. And just last week, Visible announced it would expand the offering to sell its own phones alongside its existing BYOD option, and would also support Android phones as well as iPhones.

At least, that's the story of the customer-facing side of Verizon's Visible efforts. On the backend, the story is perhaps even more interesting.