Verizon Quietly Builds a Completely Cloud-Based Wireless Service

28 January 2019

So, after around six months of engineering, Belihomji and his team developed a completely cloud-based mobile offering -- one that didn't require any hardware elements, and one that was more nimble and flexible that the existing model. "Right after the handoff from the cell tower, from there on, everything that you see, which is the IMS core, is in the cloud. The OSS/BSS structure is all in the cloud," Belihomji said.

After Visible customers' communications travel off Verizon's RAN network, they are routed through a cloud-based instance of Mavenir's core platform running on Verizon's cloud.

The result? "It's at a fraction of the cost," Belihomji said, pointing to the monthly $40 service that Visible is offering as evidence.