Mavenir Says Its OpenRAN Group Isn’t at Odds With Cisco’s vRAN Alliance

8 October 2018

Mavenir has culled together a group of virtual RAN companies to form what it’s calling the OpenRAN Partner Ecosystem. Mavenir’s group sounds very similar to Cisco’s Open vRAN Alliance, which Cisco announced last month. At the time, Cisco said that it had developed a pre-certified pre-integrated open vRAN system that is ready to deploy.

Although Mavenir’s ecosystem partner group sounds very similar to what Cisco has created, Baker said that it’s not the same because operators don’t need to go through Mavenir to set up the arrangement with the various partner vendors. “What we are doing is saying ‘here’s a group of companies. If operators want to talk to each company they can do so,’” he said, adding that Cisco’s group is being driven by Cisco.