Evolution to 5G is marked by move to the edge

22 March 2018

Early deployments of commercial 5G services will look more like really fast LTE services, according to John Baker, Mavenir SVP, Business Development. During an interview with RCR Wireless News during Mobile World Congress 2018, Baker said 5G will really open up with an upgrade to a new core and the distribution of compute power to the network edge.

“The initial deployments of 5G have been targeted for this year,” Baker said. “You’re going to see 4G-type services but with…higher throughputs, higher bandwidth speeds.” He predicted this round of upgrades would drive lots of “marketing activities,” but, “In reality, from a services perspective, what’s going on is 5G is about re-architecting the networks. It’s not just about the radio. The big driver is about latency–how to provide services at the edge of the network.”