Mavenir Analyst Briefing - UCaaS, RCS Monetization, xRAN & 5G Markets

9 April 2018

Mavenir held a 'virtual' analyst meeting - essentially a webinar - that conveyed the company's efforts on several new initiatives: SMB UCaaS - small business unified communications, Messaging as a Platform (MaaP), Monetization of messaging, Security Solutions (relating to toll fraud, for instance), and xRAN/ Open RAN/ Virtualized RAN.  Pardeep Kohli, CEO of Mavenir, explained that the company is at a $450M revenue rate.

Small Business Unified Communications - its mobile UCC service can be deployed as a service or on-premise.  The company sells through its service provider partners.   Messaging as a Platform - the company sees its capabilities in RCS messaging as a means of enabling branding, chatbots, sale of digital goods, and enriched calling.  A month ago, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we saw the Mavenir MaaP system in work - it looks nothing like what is available from traditional telecom equipment vendors.  Mavenir, with its re-imagined MaaP offering, looks more like an "OTT" company than a traditional telecom supplier.  We hear the refrain from service providers - show us new sources of revenue; well, this system from Mavenir looks to us like a new source of revenue.  On a secondary basis, to the extent Mavenir is successful in getting its MaaP system deployed at service providers, we think this can help the company grow its presence with other products.