Webinar: Virtualization at the Edge: Automation and 5G service enablement

26 September 2018
Dallas, TX
RCR Wireless News

Offloading traffic at the edge holds the key to making the economics of 5G service delivery tenable. From keeping video traffic local to enabling ultra-low latency operations for autonomous vehicle operations, the ability to provision virtual network elements at the edge and then manage them in a closed-loop, automated fashion will become table stakes. 

This webinar will highlight the current state of the art with respect to SDN/NFV at the edge, network and service assurance, and the next wave of development that will be required to fulfill the promise of 5G.




John Baker
John Baker
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John Baker

SVP of 5G Business Development
Virtualization at the Edge: Automation and 5G Service Enablement
26 September 2018 at 13:00