The Pitfalls of Conventional UCC

22 January 2020
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Mavenir's Strategy to Enable Service Provider's Digital Journey

16 January 2020
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Only Open Platforms Will Deliver The Full Benefits of Automation

9 January 2020
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Path to be a Digital Service Provider

7 January 2020
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The Evolution of Customer Contact

19 December 2019
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Only Open Platforms Will Deliver The Full Benefits of Automation
9 January 2020 by Maryvonne Tubb
The economic impact of cloud-based automated networks will be magnified by the adoption of fully open network platforms.  Interfaces such as OpenRAN will shake up the…
Why OpenRAN will disrupt the vendor landscape
5 August 2019
It is not unreasonable to suggest that the survival of some operators and traditional Network Equipment Providers is in question. Burdened by legacy business models, they’re financially struggling to…
‘OpenRAN is our identity’ – Analyst Event Highlights
25 June 2019
As Mavenir is transforming and disrupting the market at a rapid pace, we paused to update key analysts on the latest and upcoming innovations. The relentless focus on redefining the mobile network…
Mavenir OpenRAN Partner Ecosystem Provides Greater Flexibility for Operators to Optimize their Investments
7 December 2018 by Dr. Virtyt Koshi
Ahead of their Dubai Summit, Telecom Review sat down with Mavenir's Virtyt Koshi, Senior Vice President and General Manager, EMEA. In the interview transcribed below, Koshi describes the…
xRAN’s New Open Fronthaul Specs – An Industry Move Towards Interoperability
17 April 2018 by John Baker
We may not feel it yet, but something pretty significant just happened – and in a few years, we’ll be looking back at this moment as a paradigm shift for our industry. The xRAN Forum recently…