CloudRange - Cloud-based, NFV and SDN heralds a new economic paradigm

31 May 2018
Authored by: Maryvonne Tubb

The Most Innovative NFV Solution

Last week’s Network Virtualization Europe event in Madrid provided key insights into the status of 5G, and as expected, there was a lot of buzz about NFV (Network-Functions Virtualization) and SDN (Software-Defined Networks) architectures to support 5G networks

Pushing the boundaries again, Mavenir was awarded Most Innovative NFV Solution for our end-to-end, software only, NFV and orchestration platform, CloudRange™.

As the industry grapples with the deployment of next-generation communication technologies, operators and enterprises now realize that virtualization is the key to upgrading their wireless networks. Gone is the reliance on the hardware-based strategies sold by the large, traditional network equipment suppliers. Utilization of cloud-based, NFV, and SDN dramatically change network architectures and herald a new economic paradigm for the wireless industry. 

And it’s no surprise - we are disrupting the market with the Mavenir’s end-to-end, software only, NFV and orchestration platform. CloudRange™ enables CSPs to realize additional revenue streams by launching and scaling new services while reducing capex and opex with automation, making today’s networks efficient, agile, and prepared for future growth and the advent of 5G and IoT. 

A New Era in Telco Cloud Technology

Mobile operators need new ways to build networks and deliver services today that are cost-effective, flexible, and agile. With 5G densification and the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), there will be new use cases that involve varying degrees of latency, throughput, and availability requirements. A single monolithic network simply will not be the best fit for these use cases. Operators need to shift their network architecture to a web-scale, telco cloud model that is founded on dramatic savings in capex and opex, distributed computing architectures that foster new service models, standard open interfaces, and rapid innovation – in other words, a true telco cloud.

CloudRange™ Brings Critical Software-Based Solutions for an Agile Network Infrastructure

CloudRange™ promotes an open ecosystem that utilizes COTS for computing, storage, and network infrastructure. The solution supports all major SDN players, with VNFs that are stateless and packaged with aggregators and load balancers.

CloudRange™ VNFs have functional decomposition and data layer–based statelessness to support a microservices architecture. The CloudRange™ solution provides dynamic elasticity, self-healing VNFs, and end-to-end service assurance, including analytics, closed-loop monitoring, full lifecycle management, and service orchestration. With web-scale agility, CloudRange™ is DevOps ready, empowering operators with agile service deployment and maintenance for faster time-to-market.


Maryvonne Tubb
Maryvonne Tubb

Maryvonne Tubb

At Mavenir, Maryvonne Tubb leads integrated marketing strategy.

Maryvonne has been a leader in marketing, investor relations and communications for over 25 years, with roles in Canada, US and Europe. Most recently, she was Vice President, Corporate Marketing and Investor Relations at Mavenir (NYSE:MVNR) until the acquisition by Mitel, where she lead the Global Marketing team.

She previously held executive positions at Navini Networks (acquired by Cisco), Nortel Networks, Newbridge Networks (acquired by Alcatel), Paragon and Gaylord Entertainment Corporation.

She earned her Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Ottawa and a Certificate in Marketing from Southern Methodist University.